Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub
A Simpler Way to ManageĀ 
Your Fleet AND Lower Costs.
Shell is proud to introduce our new fleet maintenance platform. Shell fleet customers will now be able to seamlessly service their vehicles at discounted fleet pricing, using your Shell fuel account at over 24,000 shops and growing around the country.

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Welcome to the Hub
What's in the Hub?
Payment management screen.
Pay with Your Shell Fuel Account*
Get a single invoice for all maintenance and fuel expenses with your Shell fuel account.
Electronically Approve Work
Conveniently book, approve and pay from your phone or computer. Set user permissions to grant electronic approval authority on a per service basis, or by monetary limits.
Work approvals and payment screen.
Maintenance notifications screen.
OEM Suggested Maintenance Notifications
Find out what services each vehicle needs based upon manufacturers recommendations.
Analyze Spend with Reporting Metrics
With dynamic reporting metrics, view total spend over any time frame on a cost per vehicle or entire fleet basis.
Vehicle management and reporting screen.
Savings Calculator
Save with fleet negotiated pricing that is guaranteed to be less than retail.
Service your fleet at any of the following shops:
Service available at "Firestone, Sears, NTB, Tire Kingdom, AAMCO, Meineke, Jiffy Lube and more!" or Partners logo "Firestone, Sears, NTB, Tire Kingdom, AAMCO, Meineke, Jiffy Lube and more!
Mobile and fixed site fleet services delivered 24/7 with:
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*Available for use with the following Shell programs: Fleet Navigator, Fleet Plus and Small Business.